“Médiathèque” is a short architectural documentary about the newly renovated library and media center of Saint Michel French High School in Istanbul, designed by Ayça Taylan and Egemen Yerce. The design consists of four separate rooms with various functions, situated on both sides of a central hallway.

While the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in Istanbul were still in effect, architecture students of Kadir Has University’s Faculty of Art and Design donated their time and talent and took part as high school student stand-ins in the film.

Following the dismantling of the old médiathèque, most of the old bookshelves and furniture were donated to other high schools in Istanbul. After the flooring was removed, the original cement tiles of the old building were revealed. Missing and damaged tiles were replaced with custom-made replicas. All the furnishings of the médiathèque, in addition to the decorative elements and murals were also custom-designed and manufactured.

These key design decisions, the manufacturing processes, and the renovation of the new médiathèque in general were documented in their entirety, and made into a separate film.

Directed by:
M. Can Tanyeli
Beril Gür

Yerce Mimarlık

Egemen Yerce
Ayça Taylan

Melisa Arı
Öykü Çimoğlu
Melisa Duman
Lina Eryılmaz
Muharrem İnce
Mukaddes İskender
Toprak Kavvasoğlu