The Institute

“The Institute” is a short, fully computer-generated architectural film by architect and filmmaker M. Can Tanyeli. It was featured in the exhibition “An Empty Room Creates Its Own Function: ‘Time Regulation Institute’ Through Designer’s Eyes”, curated by Bahar Turkay, produced by Manifold and held in Kıraathane Istanbul Edebiyat Evi between May 18 – 31, 2019.

In order to visualize the literary depiction of revered author Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s so-called “Time Regulation Institute”, The Institute portrays one steam-punkishly fantastical rendition of the early republican (early 20th Century) typologies of totalitarian state architecture in Turkey; in this case, an imposing building that is designed to accommodate a set of impossibly large cast-bronze clock pendulums.

The design and details of The Institute, although fall within the episteme of architecture, were intended to service a narrative space, instead of forming an actual architecturally meaningful idea.

The digital “film set” of The Institute was designed and modeled in Maya and rendered in Lumion.

Designed and directed by:
M. Can Tanyeli

The dream-like old music recording is an excerpt from “Zaman Olur ki Anın” by Safiye Ayla.
All other sound effects and musical arrangements are appropriately licensed.

Exhibition curation and design by:
Bahar Turkay and Esen Karol